Premium Email Outreach and Analysis

eBlastem Protects Your First Amendment RightsDid you know that political email is exempt from many anti-spam regulations? Your big-box email broadcasting companies don’t seem to know that. They’re quick to blacklist & freeze your account if it falls outside the “commercial” mold. Give eBlastem a try. Our commitment to you is that we will never get in the way of you delivering your political message.

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Custom Templates

Custom Templates
Easily adapted for your style. Plenty of templates for you to choose, or easily design your own.

Start with one of our beautiful templates or create a custom one in minutes. Build layouts with unlimited content options, easily change headers, footers and content blocks that fit your message.

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Tons of Analytics
Track opens, clicks and many others with a simple click to view interface.

Using our smart analytics you can measure the success of all your email campaigns with ease. Whether you’re an advanced or entry level user, we’ve designed our interface for anyone to have the tools they need, regardless of skill level.

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Maximize Results with A/B Split Tests

Send campaign A to 10% of your list, and send campaign B to 10%. If campaign B gets better results, our software will send campaign B to the rest of your list

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